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France AVE Visited Zhongpu Technology Co., Ltd

France AVE Visited Zhongpu Technology Co., Ltd

Guy, Dominique and Maryse, three experts from France AVE, visited Hunan Zhongpu Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by Zhuzhou SME Service Center on October 20, 2017.

The three experts worked as senior management staff for the world's top 500 enterprises like Siemens and Schneider. They are specializing at business management, enterprise development strategy and international marketing. The main purpose of the visit is to help Zhongpu technology with the problems encountered in the development of enterprises one by one.

Mr. Yin, Chairman of the Board, Ms. Li, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary of the Board of Directors Mr. Zhao and Foreign Trade Commissioner accompanied the experts to the lightning laboratory and production workshop and other areas, and then carried out a Q & A discussion in the conference room. At the symposium, the company's foreign trade commissioner gave a brief introduction on the basic situation of the company, the main products and some qualifications obtained. The expert group was surprised by the TUV, UL and CE certification. They have visited so many Chinese enterprises, which always stressed that their products have good quality, but Zhongpu is directly using third-party certifications to prove that. This way is more trustworthy.

Three experts have provided constructive comments on how Zhongpu can enter European and American market. Chairman of the board expressed sincere thanks for the expert and wanted to cooperate with AVE association to develop the international market of Zhongpu.
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