Zhongpu Technology is granted a patent for invention

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Zhongpu Technology is granted a patent for invention

Zhongpu Technology is granted a patent for invention
On July24,2017,SIPO(State Intellectual Property Office) awarded an Authorization Form of ‘A high power frequency surge protection device and anti-overheating method’ to Hunan Zhongpu Technology.

The starting voltage of the patented invention works under high voltage, and has the structure of the gas vent, which can effectively heat radiating and is suitable for the high-power transmission system.
is low capacitance value, no inductance interference and small volume.It can meet the performance requirements of GSM, 3G, 4G, WLAN and other high frequency wireless communication and credit components, which can meet the protection of radio-frequency signal surge protection of high-power wireless transmission equipment from 200W to 2000W.

The Patent Law of China stipulates there is three types of patents,invention,utility model and appearance design, among which the invention patent is the most important one.And also the examination of invention patent is the most strict one.
As of 2016, the SIPO of China has published the authorization rate for the invention patent at 20% to 30%.

So far, Hunan Zhongpu Technology has received 68 patents, including 58 patents for utility model , 1 appearance patent and 9 patents for invention.
These intellectual property results have laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company and further enhanced the company's scientific and technological strength and core competitiveness.
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