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Signal Surge Protection

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TUV Certified 12V Surge Protection Device for Signal System

Item No.: DXH06-MPG12
Zhongpu Shengde Brand.
SPD Model DXH06-MPG Series is applicable for surge and over-voltage protection for signal system.
TUV Certified.
Signal Surge Protection
I. Application
SPD Model DXH06-MPG Series is applicable for surge and over-voltage in the field of DC and AC power supply system.
MPG means MP+MG,you could choose the MP part for your system.

II. Technical Parameters
Power Surge Protection Module Signal Protection Module
Brand Zhongpu Shengde
Certification - TUV - TUV
Model M- MP12 MP24 MP220 MG
Operating Voltage 12V 24V 220V Itotal:10kA
Interface Type 2P Terminal 2P Terminal 2P Terminal RJ45
Current Capacity
X-X: 4.0kV
X-PE: 6.0kV
Protection Level(Up) ≤150V ≤180V ≤1.2kV ≤20V
Response Time(T) <25ns <1ns
Maximum operate current transmission rate 10A 100/1000 Mbps
Earth line(mm² ) ≥1.5
Grounding Resistance(R) ≤4Ω
Protection Level IP20
Operating Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Overall Size(mm) 90×66×18
Installation Method 35 mm DIN-rail

III. Main Features:

lLow Residual Voltage.
lTwo Levels surge protection. The lightning protection result can be enhanced by the coupling of the two levels of discharging and clamping.
l35mm Din-rail installation
l Independent grounding interface which is more convenient to install.

IV. Dimensions:
Signal Surge Protection

V. Wiring Diagram:
Signal SPD
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